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Trump’s snake oil

His tax and economic policies are the same old GOP song and dance


Republican hopeful Donald Trump boasts about the sweeping changes he’ll usher into government’s status quo, but his policies tell a far different story. The economic plan unveiled by Trump during a major speech in Michigan on Monday recycles a repeatedly disproven tax plan that lavishes huge tax cuts on the rich under the premise that the wealth will trickle down to the working class and poor and stimulate the economy.

It’s a carbon copy of the tax plan former Reagan budget director David Stockman once described as a Trojan Horse, sold to average voters as a boon while the real benefits accrue to the top one percent.

These same tax policies have already contributed significantly to the growing chasm in our nation’s wealth and income distribution. And they have failed time and again to ignite the economic growth that trickle-down supporters tout. We’ve seen this both nationally and here in the Midwest, where states like Wisconsin and Kansas, which have implemented similar tax policies, have watched revenues fall, budget deficits rise, and economies slow. By contrast, states like Minnesota and California, which raised taxes on the wealthy, are enjoying flush budgets, more public investment, and some of the fastest economic growth in the country.

Doubling down on trickle down, as Trump proposes for the country, will do nothing to lift the economy, but only provide a windfall for those at the very top. His proposal to eliminate the estate tax would help only the top 0.2 percent of taxpayers, since the first $5.45 million of estates can currently be transferred to heirs tax free. Yet Trump says his estate tax plan will help average working stiffs. What nonsense. This is a man who will, literally, say anything.

And as with everything else the man utters, Trump’s numbers don’t add up. In his Michigan speech this week, Trump called simultaneously for huge tax cuts and a major federal spending initiative to improve the nation’s infrastructure. The country needs more investment in infrastructure to be sure. We don’t dispute that part of Trump’s plan. But we already know the effect of tax cuts combined with increased government spending: skyrocketing deficits.

And yet Trump has the gall to attack President Obama for exploding the nation’s debt, when our current president has done more to reduce the size of the federal deficit than any president in history. While that may not jive with Republican talking points, those over-used GOP arguments don’t jive with reality. In fact, President Obama came into office with a $1.4 trillion deficit and has managed to cut that by two-thirds during his term.

Trump’s policies would reverse that trend and send deficits back through the roof. That’s not a prediction. As history demonstrates, it’s a guarantee.

Albert Einstein once said doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result was the definition of insanity. Yet Republicans still cling to their trickle-down tax policy despite overwhelming evidence of repeated failure. Trump is just the latest peddler of this economic snake oil. No matter how he tries to dress up his economic plan as groundbreaking, it’s the same old, tired song and dance.


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Would you want your child to behave like Donald?

Friday, August 12, 2016

A recent conversation with a focus group of Republican women discussing why they can't vote for Trump. One woman said, "He acts like a two year old. I have a two year old and I see the similarities." It seems I'm not the only parent who has noticed those similarities, poor impulse control, poor reasoning skills, confusing reality and fantasy, frustrated easily, short attention span, egotism/believing everything in the world revolves around him/her, tantrums, etc.

Some children are already behaving like Donald. This morning in another local paper, a woman writes that her 4 year old daughter named Hillary was called "Crooked Hillary" and the "Devil" by her 5 year old cousin. The boy's mother didn't realize how much he had picked up from Donald. It's hard enough to raise children to be decent, well adjusted human beings without also having to tell their children it's not acceptable to behave like the man who is running for president, such as mocking the disabled, encouraging violence toward others, dropping F-bombs, name-callling, bad-mouthing just about every group people in America even fire marshals, Gold Star families.

Aside from someone running for the highest office being the worst role model for our children ever, he has no real economic or other policy plans except to say they will be the best and only he can do it. His newly picked economic team is made up of hedge-funders, real estate investors so no surprise he is promoting repealing estate tax which will only benefit the 1%, big league.

He brags that he pays as little tax as possible but won't release his tax records. His company products such as suits, ties are made in China and Mexico. Many big banks won't do business with him because his long history of stiffing them along with many small businesses and contractors. He also has bragged how much money he made from his many bankruptcies leaving other other businesses and banks holding the bag.

It's truly terrifying that he knows little to nothing about foreign or domestic affairs and has no interest in learning. Trump was briefed by a foreign policy expert and asked three times in an hour why we can't use nukes.

Saturday, August 13, 2016
Anybody But Hillary

Trump may behave like a 2 year old, I'll grant you that. But I'd vote for a 2 year old before the lying, thieving, self-serving wench that is Biliary!

Saturday, September 3, 2016