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Trump’s aftermath

GOP leaders have a responsibility to drain the swamp that spawned their nominee


The leaked audiotape of GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump openly bragging about his sexual assaults on women should come as no surprise at all to anyone who has been paying attention since he announced his candidacy last year.

Nor should his lack of contrition, or his vitriol against the Clintons, or even against the many Republicans who have finally reached the exit on the Trump train. From the moment of his announcement, Trump has broadcast to the world his ignorance of world affairs and domestic policy, his racist tendencies, his astonishing narcissism, his anti-Muslim bias, and his appalling lack of respect for women. His lack of impulse control is on par with most toddlers, making him utterly unqualified to serve as president of anything, much less the world’s most powerful nation.

What Mr. Trump revealed from the first day is his firm belief that the world revolves around him, and that others are placed on this planet merely to serve his needs, including his basest desires. His sense of total entitlement is writ large in his comments revealed last Friday. Women, in his mind, have no rights to the inviolability of their own bodies, as long as he feels the desire to paw at them.

Society’s rules don’t apply to Donald Trump, at least not in his addled mind. He is a celebrity, so he is entitled. He says as much. Just imagine his sense of entitlement were he sitting in the Oval Office. It’s a prospect that should send a shiver down every American’s spine.

Sadly, too many of his supporters mistake Trump’s brashness and lack of restraint as a sign of leadership, a reflection of a big and powerful man ready to take on the establishment. It’s certainly true that some prominent leaders throughout history had a large appetite for many things, and enforced their will on others, raping and pillaging as they pleased, and killing or jailing political opponents.

But those were dictators and authoritarians, and represented a form of government that America cast off almost 240 years ago. In America, at least in the America most of us grew up in, you don’t threaten to jail your political opponents if you win. “This is what they do in banana republics,” said a clearly shaken Bob Schieffer, a longtime and well-respected newsman from CBS following Sunday’s second debate, during which Trump threatened to jail Hillary Clinton if elected president. “How have we come to this?” asked Schieffer.

We have come to this, unfortunately, because one of this country’s two major parties has ignored the rise of a far-right fringe, fueled by dark conspiracies, extreme fear-mongering, and propaganda spread through the Internet and even on conservative cable news. Far from correcting the record, top political leaders in the GOP have, for eight years, willfully fanned the flames for political advantage. Only now, when the fire threatens to burn down their party, have some of them begun to recognize the horror they have wrought.

Trump isn’t an aberration so much as a reflection of the fever swamp on the right these days. Left to their own devices by party leaders who lacked the courage of their convictions, the conservative movement left the tracks under President Obama and careened into a very dark place. Donald Trump rose out of that darkness, as a demagogue willing to exploit the ignorance and misdirected anger he found there.

While Trump now appears headed for defeat, the legions of his followers will remain and it’s up to Republicans to start undoing the damage. That will take courage and a willingness to re-examine the party’s priorities. It will require that party leaders begin the difficult task of unraveling the web of propaganda and lies that fuels much of the anger within their base. It will be painful work, but without it, someone even scarier than Donald Trump will emerge from the swamp the next time.


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What happens if he gets elected-many of boys growing up will think it is Okay to do what Trump does by exploiting women and treating them like livestock.

Don't validate what he is doing a vote for him is a vote for his actions as being the new norm. What a sick society we will have than.

Thursday, October 13, 2016
Vince G

Okay, now give us the negative about Hillery. Go over the lies, emails etc. Your a good old Helmberger so tell the other side. If your uncles were alive they would be coming after you. The dem. of today are nothing like those of long ago. What is Richard's position?

Sunday, October 16, 2016
shaking my head..

The HRC campaign is comparing the welcome release of emails by wikileaks to Watergate. Hillary is a lying, open borders, globalist. Me? I'll take Trump over a 2 faced marxist. And Snowshoe2- If she gets elected, little boys and girls will think adultery is o.k. and your powerful wife will demean and threaten the women you slept with.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

On record, Trump saw a youth choir group singing Christmas songs at the Plaza Hotel. He asked two girls how old they were. They answered 14 and he said, "Wow! Just think--in a couple of years, I'll be dating you."

At Trump Tower, he talked to a 10 year old girl going up the escalator, then turned to the cameras and said, "I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?"

I have no doubt that if any normal parents heard a grown man talk to their young daughters that way, like a predator, they would be outraged and terrified.

I can't imagine any father talking about a daughter the way Trump has talked about his daughter Ivanka.

Trump's disgusting defense saying he didn't assault the women who have come forward with their stories is that they weren't attractive enough. "Just look at her/them."

He has attacked, insulted and mocked women, people of color, Muslims, Mexicans, the disabled, people who are deaf (called Marlee Matlin "retarded") and more.

None of this is normal behavior in mature, well-adjusted adults. Frank Bruni, "Insults are not badges of authenticity. They're evidence of rudeness and frequently cruelty. It proves that you are a child."

Much of his business practices have been exposed, the bankruptcies leaving banks, contractors and small businesses holding the bag while he gets to pay no or little taxes on the debt. His Scotland golf courses are going down the same road. His charity and Trump "University" frauds. He is afraid to release his tax records which would reveal how much he is really worth and what he pays in taxes if any.

He has absolutely no knowledge about other countries and international issues, foreign policy and no interest in learning.

At his rallies, he deliberately whips up the darkest, angriest feelings in his audience, giving his supporters permission to act out any racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic tendencies they may have. Grossly irresponsible with no concern for consequences of his actions.

Republican strategist Mac Stipanovich said recently on NPR, Trump supporters have "absolutely lost touch with reality and are face-down in the Kool-aid" and "You can't be crazy and win a large constituency general election."

Trump is totally unfit to be in any office, a national disgrace. To think that he has gotten this far in running for president is horrifying.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump,the endorsed Russian candidate. He borrowed so much from the Russians once,his son says this is scary.

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Tom Hartley

In summation, trump is a bully, a blowhard and a pig.

Monday, October 17, 2016