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Letters to the Editor - Greenwood Twp. - Feb. 15, 2018


Bassing has the best interests of the
township at hear

Well, it seems as though the Greenwood slander machine has kicked into high gear as they appear to be afraid of the possibility of having an adult elected to the board that would put some oversight back into board actions. As their fear rises, the number of lies and slander increase in kind. In their slander of Dr. Bassing, they find it convenient to omit that Carmen DeLuca never wanted Fazio to be Fire Chief. DeLuca was the sole NO vote in the hiring process at that meeting. DeLuca declared that he could not vote for Fazio as he had reviewed the Fire Department run reports and they showed Fazio had only responded to eleven fire department pages in the past thirteen years. That vote is a matter of township record. 
Does DeLuca truly support the fire department or is he just in need of their votes? 
Fictitious scare tactics seem to have become the calling card of the group that calls names and does not know how to spell the word FACT. And as for Borchardt, F.D. Training and Safety Officer, representing the workings of the board or its members, he may be a little out of the loop as he is in Florida for six months a year. Does Borchardt not remember when Deluca, in a 4-0 board action, voted not to pay him while he was in Florida? Borchardt put his name on an editorial but it is doubtful he wrote it unless he wishes to claim the lack of factual statements. Bassing voted yes on the move to PERA for the firefighters and also voted yes to setting the annual threshold to earn a year’s pension credit at two fire department responses each year, a number requested by the F.D. Officers.
The reason the board put into place the Personnel Policy, revised the Paid On Call Policy and the Standard Operating Guidelines was at the advice of legal counsel so that at some point in time the township would be able to once again have full insurance coverage from the MAT, MN Association of Townships Insurance Trust, saving  the township thousands of dollars. Borchardt fails to bring up that a committee, which he was a member of, presented Standard Operating Guidelines and a Paid on Call policy to the attorney. The Township attorney recommended to start over. Then, Dr. Bassing took the initiative to rewrite policies the attorney found acceptable.
To argue Dr. Bassing does not have the best interests of the township always in mind is a lie.
Barbara Lofquist
Greenwood Twp

Bassing has used intimidation tactics

Great letter from Ed Borchardt last week explaining why john bassing is not a friend of the Greenwood fire department.  Now we can watch for disingenuous attempts at damage control. That legend in his own mind, John Bassing, uses the term political hack to describe those who do not have recordings of him stating opposition to the fire department.  Who do you know that carries a device to record daily conversations?  Ever since his loss in March 2018, Bassing and his supporters have attempted to  bully and intimidate the fire department at the monthly township meetings. I urge those of you who have not atteded those meetings to review the public comments and correspondence sections of the monthly minutes to see for yourselves.  The conclusion is obvious!!
Steve Rodgers
Greenwood Twp

Substantiated facts, not just opinion

As the Greenwood Township election approaches, it appears as though angst is bringing about false and deliberately misleading statements.  I wish to rebut both Ed Borchardt’s and Steve Rodgers’ editorials in last week’s Timberjay.
Ed stated the draft versions of the Paid on Call (POC) and the Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG) were presented at the November 2015 board meeting.  The only reference to the SOGs was made by Chairperson Reichel when she stated, “There were no SOGs yet, but they were working with the attorney (Tim Strom) on the bylaws (which later became SOGs).”  Source: Board meeting audio tape of November 2015.
I did not start working on the documents until 2016 when I brought up POC irregularities.  At that time, Chairman/Firefighter Rick Worringer made the statement, “I’ve been on the fire department for two years.  They stopped following bylaws and guidelines and were kind of winging it.  I agree that wasn’t good.”  Source: Timberjay report on Greenwood Board meeting May 2016.
At the October 2016 board meeting, the board motioned to send the township attorney the bylaws which were developed by a committee tasked to do so (of which Ed Borchardt was a member) to review. Source: Board meeting minutes of October 2016.
On Nov. 9, 2016, Township Attorney, Mike Couri, sent an email to all supervisors and the clerk which read, “I have reviewed the Township Fire Department SOGs and POC guidelines.  I do not believe either one of those is ready for adoption and believe both require substantial revision.”  Source: email 11/9/2016.
I took it upon myself, with attorney advice, to rewrite both the POCs and the SOGs and presented them to the board at its meeting in May 2017.  At that meeting, Chief Fazio asked, “If we would be asking for their input on that, so we would have a say in this or is that not really true?”  I replied to Fazio and Ed Borchardt, “You wrote them, and I had to change them because they were not adequate according to the township attorney.  He couldn’t read them, so he told me what needed to be changed and I changed them.” Source: Audio tape of May 2017 meeting.
Mr. Borchardt is entitled to his opinion, but to have an opinion become “fact,” it must be substantiated by evidence of which he has none. In reality, his opinion is disproved by the substantiated facts above.
As to Steve Rodgers’ editorial, his assertion that I wanted to eliminate the Greenwood Fire Department is simply a lie.  Secondly, the Maus settlement deliberations were in a closed board meeting so I cannot speak to those deliberations but will say the board did vote unanimously in open session to accept the settlement (Carmen DeLuca included).  Source: Timberjay Feb. 16, 2017.  Thirdly, I did not nominate Jeff Maus for the assistant chief position. He applied for the job as allowed for in the Greenwood Township Fire Dept. SOGs.  According to the SOGs, there is never a nomination just an application.  Source: Greenwood Fire Dept. SOGs.
I support free speech and editorials, but I also support integrity.  When statements contrary to researchable facts are made, slander becomes the action void of integrity.
John Bassing
Greenwood Twp


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John bassing

Liars in particular don’t like anyone who is audio recording them. It gives them free range without the slightest worry of accountability. I only record meetings.

Friday, February 15, 2019
steve rodgers

What a shock! That legend in his own mind and ego-maniac-Bassing- had to comment.

Steve Rodgers

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Shaking my head

I find it strange that a recent resident of the Township ((compared to most folks that live here). has taken such a strong position on so many things he could not possibly know much about. Mr Rodgers is married to the Treasurer, who was appointed, not elected, as she ran unopposed. The Treasurer has repeated verbally attacked the Clerk, who was duly elected, by a wide majority. The Treasurer behaves as though she is a Board Member. She is not. To repeatedly insult an elected official, in public, for political gain is outrageous. Sue has done an incredible job for the Township as the Clerk, despite being harassed by the Treasurer and some board members. I do not support Pam Rodgers in her attempt to get another term as Treasurer. I don’t believe she has the disposition required for any position in the Township.

Friday, February 22, 2019
Pam Rodgers

If pointing out numerous mistakes made by the clerk is verbally attacking, I guess I'm guilty. Good thing for the township, I know how to fix them.

Monday, February 25, 2019
Shaking My Head

You are not a good thing for the township madam Treasurer. You are simply angry and quite mean. Your behavior would not be tolerated in a private company.

Monday, February 25, 2019
Proud Deplorable

I am at a loss trying to figure out who the husband and wife ‘Rodgers show’ are being shills for. Neither one is a member of the fire department, but Mr Rodgers sure seems to have a lot of ‘inside information ‘ that occurred before he and his wife moved here. Cowardly of board members to subject newcomers to such abuse. I am to the point of asking that the ’appointed ‘ treasurer step down for being so gosh darn rude. The husband and wife ‘mean team’ have not endeared themselves to most of us. Please do not subject us us to another term with the self-proclaimed ‘genius’.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
steve rodgers

ELECTED treasurer Rodgers was a CFO whose responsibilities included HR of a multi-million dollar company with more training and real world background than all of the negative commenters combined, including that legend in his own mind: john bassing. In the real world, constructive criticism is reality. The clerk needs to learn that. I maintain the fire department is a valuable asset and saves us a lot of money. REMEMBER: VOTE PAM RODGERS FOR TEASURER!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
John Bassing

Spelling Steve?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I am confident that the voters in Greenwood will make the right choice when they vote for the Treasurer. Pam Rodgers is uncivil and a bully. Definitely not the right choice for the Township. Shaming and belittling is wrong, and unacceptable in an elected position.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What is the reason for attacking the Clerk? Is someone jealous of that position??

Thursday, February 28, 2019
John Bassing

Who stopped the email account of the Greenwood Township Clerk? The clerk is the responsible authority of all township records as designated by Mn Statute 367,10 and to stop incoming reoords some of which may be of a time sensitive nature is interfering with the work of a government official. Such action should have bee accomplished at an open meeting of the township board but its actions of late beg for transparency.

Another concern of mine is voter intimidation and polling place protocol. I went to the Townhall on Friday to vote. Shortly after arriving the Deputy Treasurer asked what I was doing there and I said voting. She called a Supervisor Deluca ,whom I am running against in the upcoming election, to come down and he did so. He and the Deputy Treasurer stood behind me while I voted until I told him that he was in my polling place and then he moved to another room. While this occurred I was on the phone with the Head election official of St Louis Co. who got a got a good description of what was occurring.. The arrogance and intimidation used by these township officials against both the clerk and citizen are egregious and should not be tolerated.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

I was in the township office on March 1, 2019 for election training. The Deputy Treasurer was also there. She was quite angry that anyone was in there at all. So why was she there?? Working?? Costing the Township wages that the Treasurer said there is no cost to the township when the Treasurer works remotely?? Really?? What is the truth?

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Ed Borchardt singing the praises of Carmen DeLuca is pathetic, and hypocritical. Not long ago, Carmen voted not to pay the Safety Officer (Ed) during his absence, because Ed is a snowbird for half of the year, The job description requires that the Safety Director be on site for most emergency calls, to ensure that the Department members are doing their jobs correctly, and safely. Hard to do that when you are gone for half of the year. Now, as usual, Carmen has ‘changed his mind’. He has now voted to pay the Safety Director ‘in absentia’. You never know what Carmen is going to do. He makes decisions depending on how the political winds are blowing. Please residents, let us vote for a supervisor who is not running a campaign to be ‘popular’’. Carmen is not a leader, he’s a ‘go along to get along’ guy. He gave up the Chair position to Mike Ralston. Also, please never elect a Supervisor that does not know what potable water is. We had to pay a plumber twice to replace our water spigot at the town hall because Carmen ‘forgot’ to tell them we used it for drinking water. Elect someone with ethics.

Friday, March 8, 2019