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Johnson Controls history of failure could mean the destruction of our communities

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If district 2142 has this type shortfall in it's 80 million dollar restructuring plan it will mean the destruction of 3 Main Street communities. It's time the district trusts the people of these communities and not a multibillion dollar corporation to make adjustments in the north to increase the possibility of operating levies in the future, save millions of tax dollars, and reunite the district to achieve everyone's objectives! It can be done if we all come together and work on it.


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    Johnson Controls projection for the 2010 budget was - 2.8 million dollars ( deficit ). Actual audited budget ended up being + 308,000 ( surplus ). This was while operating all 7 schools. It was a 3 million dollar "miscalculation". If that doesn't clearly show you that Johnson Controls has pulled a Duluth Steam plant scam on our school district I don't know what else it would take to convince people. The evidence is overwhelming and undisputable.

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Report this

  • Don't forget the lawsuit filed by Chrysler Corporation over car and truck batteries JCI supplied that never dellivered the juice that was required in the specs and failed prematurely.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Report this