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Insurance agency begins probe in clerk transition

Jodi Summit
Posted 4/7/16

GREENWOOD TWP- Greenwood Township officials were notified Monday that the township’s insurance agency, Minnesota Association of Townships Insurance and Bond Trust (MATIT) has hired a law firm from …

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Insurance agency begins probe in clerk transition


GREENWOOD TWP- Greenwood Township officials were notified Monday that the township’s insurance agency, Minnesota Association of Townships Insurance and Bond Trust (MATIT) has hired a law firm from Bloomington to conduct an investigation into the issues surrounding the transition between the former and current clerk, and other possible issues that may arise.

“It is our expectation that the township’s officers, employees, and agents will fully cooperate,” wrote Eric Hedtke, general counsel of MATIT.

The letter said the insurance company had become concerned after reading media reports of the transition, along with the township’s recent claim history.

“MATIT has concerns regarding the possibility of future claims arising in Greenwood Township,” Hedtke wrote.

Supervisor John Bassing said that a paralegal was scheduled to begin interviews of township officers and employees on April 6, and that interviews were expected to continue the following week.

Greenwood Chair Rick Worringer said he is not certain why the investigation is called for, but wondered if the township hadn’t used more than “its share of legal funds due to the rash of lawsuits lately.”

Bassing noted that the township’s MATIT insurance had been used when he and his wife took the township to court over the issue of the township’s refusal to release the written comments that were part of the comprehensive plan survey. The township did agree to release the comments after the matter was taken to court. The township has also used MATIT attorneys when dealing with legal issues relating to planning and zoning lawsuits.

Worringer was also surprised that the only details the township had received were an email asking them when they would be available for an interview by an investigator.

Worringer added that he didn’t think the township’s attorney would need to be involved in the investigation by the insurance company.

Bassing said he was very happy with the insurance services offered through MATIT, and he hoped the investigation would not result in the township having their policy dropped. He did note there are a few townships in Minnesota that obtain insurance outside of MATIT.

“I’d like to be able to stay with MATIT,” he said, though he noted that the township could still be a member of the Minnesota Association of Townships without using their insurance arm.


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Lost In Space

Maybe the attorney can ask why the supervisors have not initiated a formal investigation into the alleged election irregularities? The accusations are serious and must not be swept under the rug! Tales told to the sheriff etc. that seem to be unfounded also need to be dealt with. The board must step up and deal with the unpleasant tasks they are responsible for. They owe the taxpayers complete answers to the many allegations made. The board members are not the 'deciders' as to whether anything illegal has occurred, that is up to LAW ENFORCEMENT! The board has a duty to initiate investigations ASAP!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

rick, you mean you didn't see anything wrong with calling the sheriff. you,julia and ellen walking away and pat refusing to open the clerk's office, none of that was wrong?

and you want all to believe that the 4 of you have not involved the township attorney?? he's probably on all of your phones speed dial.

this is only the first of many investigations that will be coming up. fasten your seat belts. get your stories straight cuz it's coming.

Thursday, April 7, 2016
Twilight Zone

Since MAT provides the township with FREE legal advice, I would hate to lose their support. We must once again question the motivations of some of the supervisors and an employee. Are they now calling the private, PAID township attorney on how to handle an investigation into their methods and behavior? I believe ALL questions and answers from the township attorney MUST be via email and be considered public information. We deserve to know what the heck the 3 individuals with carte blanche access to the attorney are asking help with. It seems some are still in denial about what happened in the latest election. I, for one am tired of being a resident of a township that is now an absolute laughing stock. Enough of the sour grapes already!

Saturday, April 9, 2016
Tom Hartley

I am disheartened by all the mistrust and ill feelings that seem to be such a large part of Greenwood Township at this time. We have been property owners on Lake Vermilion since 1986. I feel there are good people on both sides of the issues in the township. I have known and been close friends with Supervisor Rick Worringer for nearly 50 years and in all that time I have never known Rick to be dishonest in any way. I do not believe that Rick would do anything illegal, unjust or unfair while acting on behalf of the people of Greenwood Township. I am 100% certain that Rick's motivation is and has been to represent the best interest of the residents and property owners of the township.

Monday, April 11, 2016
Lost In Space

Anyone who reads the Timberjay online (so they can see the comments) and/or regularly attends meetings would know that not much the board does benefits the majority of the property owners in the township. A 5 p.m. meeting for public input into the ridiculous comprehensive plan is a good example. Many residents are still working and cannot attend the entire meeting. Scheduling it on the same day, right before the monthly meeting makes no sense either.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016