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I’ll stick with the Timbjerjay as my official newspaper


After receiving a sample copy of the Tower News last Saturday in the mail, I became very bewildered to read the writings of Tony Sikora and Mary Worringer in two separate pieces on the Greenwood reorganization meeting.

Tony was present at the meeting that night. For example, the matter of the paper of record, Gary Albertson of the Tower News stated that “ we don’t try to get you in trouble”.

Was this the key to win the township’s business? Then the motion to select the official newspaper for the township passed, 3-2, in favor of the Tower News. Tony did not report the fact that Gary Albertson then promptly walked out after the vote in his favor. I guess there was no need to attend the rest of the meeting?

Most folks attending remember when Board Chair Rick Worringer threatened to call the sheriff, and the loud and raucous laughter that followed. Tony did not report that, keeping the promise of Gary Albertson. The Timberjay did report the laughter.

Were the writings in the Tower News reporting or commentary? Mary then writes in her letter to the editor that the WDIO news did not interview her husband. Then who was the guy spreading the blame on the news at 10 p.m.? Sure looked like her husband.

She must have watched or heard about the WDIO report on TV, since she quotes the “sour grapes” comment made by Dr. Bassing. Nor does she recall how the new supervisors are sworn in. Was her husband sworn in at the reorganization meeting? Just ask her if you wish. There are many discrepancies in the two writings of the events. Maybe it would be fun to treat the two writings like one of those cartoon puzzles where the two pictures don’t match or one of those brain games. Ever heard the saying that you are entitled to your opinion, just not the facts? I think I will stick with the Timberjay as my official paper.

Jeff Maus

Greenwood resident

EMR and Firefighter


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You nailed it!! People should really collaborate and get their "stories straight"!! Oh but wait, how about the facts and the truth...oh dear that would muddy their water and burst their fantasy life.....nice job Jeff!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oh yes, most important , we'll be sticking with The Timberjay too!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

yes jeff, you hit the one of many nails on the head. it was very odd that there were two articles in the tower news that week. haven't seen much in there at all. funny we too got the free sample and the card to join in the tower news group.

no thanks. the timberjay seems to report what is really going on. the truth of what is going on and all around the area.

i will stick with the real newspaper and keep the pamphlet to the rest of the occasional readers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ps, the timberjay doesn't get anyone in trouble. they show up to report what happens in meetings ect. if you are in trouble from something that was in the timberjay, maybe you did something wrong.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Timberjay does a excellent job.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Back when the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee first got started the consultatant John Klaers asked what the newspaper of record was and Mary Worringer answered "the Timberjay for now". It revealed how the cabal thinks, keep all information private and don't allow questions to be asked. This theory has served them well for a few years, whether it was about the levy,Planning and Zoning or the Fire Dept. The Timberjay doesn't play this game so they suffer this ignorant vendetta, but time is not on the cabal's side.

Thursday, April 7, 2016