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Frustrating Annoying StripEs

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Progress is slow for filling in the stripEs and not in it’s entirety. Some roads will only get inside corners “mitigated”. A section of #77 near Tower has inside corners, outside corners and straight stretches all done on a one side of the road about 3 miles long. It looks like the other side of the road is being prepped to be done also. What is ironic is that there are very few, if any, homes in that area! And I might add it is not a very good job as you can still notice the gouges in some spots. Why is that road any more important than any other of the roads that have been defaced where there are actually homes along the road? Louder grumblers? Higher tourist traffic? Wealthier taxpayers that can afford to support re-election campaigns? Why are not my tax dollars as important? I know where my vote will NOT go on the next election! Not one single updated e-mail from any of the commissioners, as they promised. And messages to return my calls have been ignored.

The best I can hope for now is that the pavement will get torn up so bad from the heavy traffic of semis and other vehicles that the road will have to be re-paved and hopefully they will not make the same MISTAKE again. I have said it before and once again now. I have no objection to putting a rumble strip ON THE SHOULDER! The rumble stripEs (gouges directly under the white fog line) are ridiculous and totally unnecessary on country residential roads. I know people will say “If it saves just one life, then it is worth it”. Fact – one death in 11 years on County 21, and the circumstances of the fatality were ‘snow covered icy road’. Neither a rumble strip nor a stripE would have made any difference of that vehicle sliding off the road. Can we say overkill from the County Road Maintenance engineer? And shame on all of the commissioners who voted to support it without actually realizing what chaos it would create. Read the fine lines! Ask your constituents! Earn your pay! Do your research! Itasca County made the same mistake several years ago. They had a petition with only FIFTY signatures that forced their county to fill them in. We have a petition with over FIVE HUNDRED! Not a single board member asked to see any of them.

We will not go away and we will not shut-up! Do the right thing, County Board. Someone should also be keeping tabs on the County Road Maintenance engineer, too. If he has a free hand to make decisions as stupid as this one, that has cost all of us a whole lot of money, then let’s not allow him to throw away the funding that could actually be used to benefit all of us.

Carol Herberg



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I was told that of the 81 miles that were defaced by the stripEs, that a total of 7 miles would be filled in. If #77 is being filled in that measures about 5 miles, then does that mean the remaining 76 miles of gouges will have to share the other two miles left over? I see on #21 that they have marked inside corners only. #4 also needs to share this pittance of mitigation. It seems that #115 is going to be ignored. So how did #77 become way more important than any of the rest of us?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Carol...some of the Echo Trail near Ely was fixed. Some of 77 is being fixed. The why of where and how much certainly has to do with political pressure. There was a County Board meeting held last summer in Greenwood Township and the Commisssioners got an earfull from people from all over northern SLC but especially the 77 area. Has your Town Board petitioned the County on behalf of you and your neighbors? Have you contacted Victor Lund or Jim Foldesi at SLC? The why of the 77 repairs is that our Town Board has actively pushed for correction of this horrible mistake. Rumble strips belong out on the shoulders. Rick Sathre, Greenwood Township

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rick......I attended that meeting at Greenwood in September and also stood up and spoke. I have had several conversations with Victor Lund, Jim Feldosi, Keith Nelson, Mike Forsman, Tom Rukavina and Dave Tomassoni. I, along with my neighbor and a resident on #4, are the ones who started the petition. Reva and Barb have been interviewed by KBJR TV and been on the news. Barb had a crew from Duluth News Tribune at her house doing a piece. I have written letters to the editors and posted comments galore. Our Town Board also spoke to the County on behalf of Embarrass residents. I don't know how much more active you think I can get.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Obviously you have been extremely active and I applaud you. Keep up the good fight.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thanks Rick. I keep trying! The latest from Victor, according to my neighbor, is that all of the gouges everywhere are supposed to be filled in within the next 6 weeks. I sure hope that is true! Maybe all of our complaints are going to pay off.

Monday, August 15, 2011