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Doroff dismisses township residents


In his written statement last week, Greenwood Supervisor candidate Don Doroff snidely slights the people who attend Greenwood meetings: “We need fair and balanced input from all the citizens,” he said, “not just the few who attend the town board meetings. A lot of people do care, but they are not going to attend meetings only to get insulted, laughed, or booed at.”

A couple of things for perspective:

1. Planning Commission member Don Doroff missed the monthly Planning and Zoning meeting tonight (Feb. 22). The result was a lack of a quorum, therefore no meeting. Three PC members, the director, and the clerk showed up—all presumably to be paid to show up for nothing... Several citizens also showed up. Nice.

2. Over the years I have been to dozens and dozens of meetings in Greenwood. In fact, when I was the chair of the Planning Commission for three years, often dealing with contentious issues, the meetings were done with complete openness, patience and respect. That has changed negatively over the years, and I blame the poor leadership of the boards for it. The lack of openness and fairness by these boards breeds frustration. Additionally, I can say that I have never experienced such a disrespectful, profanity laced tirade of the sort that I experienced at the Dec. 9, 2015, Greenwood Town Board meeting that was hurled out by the Town Board Chairperson.

We need to do better in Greenwood. I recommend voting for Sue Drobac and Carmen DeLuca as a step in the right direction.

Lee Peterson

Greenwood Twp., Minn.


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If Mr. Doroff lived in the township full time he would know that it is many more than a 'few' residents that attend the monthly board meetings. I supported Mr. Doroff the 1st time he ran for a supervisor position. We spoke of the ridiculous spending etc. He presented himself as a fiscal conservative and agreed that citizens opinions should be considered. He was a great disappointment as a supervisor. He drank the kool-aid and became one of the bobble heads. He always sided with the asinine status quo.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My former Minneapolis councilwoman, Joan Campbell told me many years ago that 'the world is run by those that show up!' The folks that continue to attend the board meetings have the best interests of the township in mind, no other agenda. Unlike the continued self-serving decisions that have been made by this board in the last few years. The arrogant behavior of our 'leaders', voting like lemmings with little or no discussion, is simply wrong. Please vote IN PERSON on March 8th for new leadership! Mark the box for Sue Drobac and Carmen Deluca!

Friday, February 26, 2016