The perfect birthday present

I was not able to vote this election. My 18th birthday was Nov. 8, two days after the election.

Yet America has given me the best present I could ever ask for. It has given me a President who cares about the middle class, one who will make paying off student loans easier for me and millions of other college students, one who will make sure that I get the health care I need regardless of my ability to pay.

And the state where I have celebrated all my birthdays has given me a Senator and Congressman who will do the same. It has put its foot down and said NO to voter suppression, NO to bigotry against gays and lesbians, becoming the first in the nation to take a stand and defeat an amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Yet most of all, America has given me the gift of faith in its democracy—I now know that America is NOT for sale, that the money and connections of the powerful few cannot overcome the will of the many. The People have spoken. And it is music to my ears. Thank you, America. Thank you, my friends.

Maxwell Helmberger

Duluth, Minn.

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Note to parents ... "hire the kid"

Max, the left won...the right lost.

I just hope the country hasn't lost along with those of my political and fiscal beliefs. The Democrats traditionally have wished to expand spending at nearly every opportunity and we are already spending 1 trillion dollars more than we raise each year. You may have a government program which will help you with your tuition, but don't kid yourself because the money has to come from somewhere, and it will probably be from taxing your earnings. You currently personally owe about $50,000 for your share of the national debt. We can't tax the so called rich enough to change this. It will take higher taxes on everyone to fix our problem. If the tax rates aren't viewed as fair, investors and entrepreneurs will stay out of investment and job creation in this country.

Your comment that America is not for sale vexes me. The election was purchased by contributions from a great many individuals, but don't forget all the public and private sector union dues that didn't go to retirement benefits but rather to campaign contributions. Were I a union member I would not like this diversion of my dues.

I give the good Democrats of the country kudos for getting out and voting. I'm glad you get to vote in the next election too, Max.

Note to parents: "Hire the kid" ... oh, and ignore that man behind the curtain.

JT, Just you wait. Obamacare is coming soon. Good luck getting your knee replacement, or triple bypass surgery. "Sorry Sir, you are too old!" I hope that doesn't happen to you, or me, but it will happen everyday in 2014.

Is this anything like "the sky is falling, the sky is falling"?

I know I have heard the screams of agony before somewhere ... oh, wait ... it was here ... and it was from you!!!

And dang, young Maxwell ... here I am not following my own advice.

Oh gee, jt. We all knew you didn't follow your own advice all along. Admission is the first step in recovery, we will you well, even from behind the curtain.

I'm busted on this one ... but self-admitted early in the game.

But will hold with my initial and later repeated advice ... but with the caution that it is not I behind the curtain.

Now I must ask ... never know a typo from an error ... did you intend "will" or "wish"?

I am so proud of Max, all he is doing and sharing with us. Happy Thanksgiving. There is a lot to be thankful for.

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