Thanks for your outstanding efforts

To the students of the North Woods School:

It truly makes me smile to be able to compliment you on your outstanding soup bowl supper, more formally known as the “Empty Bowl” event.

Most of you no longer know who I am, but you can probably just ask your parents about me. I taught at both the Orr and Cook Schools. Over the years, I orchestrated many a fundraiser. As the former senior class advisor, I am very aware of the time and effort that was put into developing, organizing, and successfully making your event come together.

Your “Empty Bowl” event was a huge success on many levels. Obviously, you raised a great deal of money, but rather than the funds staying within the school (and believe me I understand the need to raise money for various school activities), you gave the money back to the community to support the food shelf. That is a selfless act of kindness and generosity, a lesson well learned.

Another obvious success was how well you worked together to pull it off. The art classes made hundreds of lovely bowls. The food classes made seven different soups and a chili which my husband said should have been entered into the annual chili cook-off! The Civics in Action class worked behind the scenes taking care of such things as advertising for the event. Kudos should also be given to the three teachers who guided you through the process: Ms. Christensen, Ms. Reed, and Ms. Beseke.

I was very impressed by your attitude. You all seemed to be genuinely having a good time and enjoying yourselves. Several of you even came around and asked if we were enjoying our soup. All of you were onboard with the project, cooperated with each other and your teachers, and truly earned the right to wear your t-shirts.

I just want you to know, you rocked it with your “Empty Bowl” event.

Joy Kurz

Cook, Minn.


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