Residents slash Greenwood’s levy for 2015
Budget still at $391,535
Jodi Summit
GREENWOOD TWP- There was no question that residents in Greenwood Township would vote to cut the 2015 levy when the adjourned annual meeting got underway on Tuesday. But an attempt by township … More »
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hard rock miner

POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! The revolution has begun.

Thursday, June 12, 2014 | Report this

It was reasonable to reduce the amount of cash held in reserve. I think everyone is in agreement. Our 2015 taxes going to GWT will now be lower. Of course, most of our money goes away to Duluth and never returns. Perhaps the passion you showed on Tuesday can also influence the spending and taxing at the County level. If we listen carefully we can hear our money being sucked away to SLC and St. Paul.

I am curious about your overall goals. Could you offer them in response?

Friday, June 13, 2014 | Report this

I hope you enjoy the tax savings on your property taxes, but if you like, you could always make a donation to the township. As for the county and the state, think about how you would get here from down south if the roads were not plowed. They also provide other services you might not realize such as the health dept., law enforcement, PLANNING AND ZONING. county attorney and the court system to name just a few. They do this in a fashion that is more fair, dignified and legal than was on display at the Greenwood Annual meeting. Oh and Rick, don't try to vote when you know your not registered.

Saturday, June 14, 2014 | Report this
hard rock miner

Rick, One goal is not paying twice for anything. For years taxpayers have been paying twice (to the county and the township) for assessing and planning and zoning. Unlike a misinformed resident, we are not reimbursed by the county for our amateur 'local control'. The board has not been fiscally responsible by encouraging and allowing it. Assessing has finally gone back to the county, the next project will be getting P .& Z where it belongs, with the county. I was disappointed by the circus at our part 2 of the annual meeting. A board member making his own motion on his budget, a moderator who did not seem to know what to do, and hearing from our ever present attorney that the board does not follow the most common form of running a meeting- Roberts Rules of Order. The board has done exactly what they want and until now, have not been stopped. This is just the beginning.

Saturday, June 14, 2014 | Report this

Dr. B,

I agree we pay more in total for local control. Personally I think that is best. If local P&Z is given up, and you care about a neighbors project, you will have to spend more money and time to attend meetings elsewhere.

Please remember what happened to the school district residents in Tower/Soudan, Cook and Orr. They gave up local control of education to save money, and hoped to get better teachers. What they got was loss of local control, loss of their schools, and higher taxes. My point is, when you give up local control you get what the bigger government wants to give you.

Why don't you run for Supervisor and make changes from inside the system.

You noticed I didn't get to vote. I was registered, but the county took me off the rolls. Just goes to show what you get....left off. Minnesota is my home. My home is in Greenwood Township. My drivers license has the correct local address. I got shafted. Of course my one vote didn't matter on Tuesday.

Sunday, June 15, 2014 | Report this

Ms. L,

I knew Mary was incorrect too, but it was disrespectful how she was treated. You and I disagree on some things, but likely agree on others. I will treat you with respect, but not if you yell at me, which you have not done.

Of course we pay more for local control. In my mind it is worth it. It costs very little in the greater scheme of things. I don't have the annual costs of P&Z but I believe you know that I want the Board to raise the fees so applicants pay the full cost of review and approval, or denial. We shouldn't subside others.

I went to see Mary Anderson in Virginia a month ago. She was on vacation so I didn't get help from her, but her staff was helpful. I find it more convenient to meet with Julia even with her restricted office hours.

Perhaps we should unite and go to school board meetings and complain about their foolishness. We could get Lee to go too. He wrote a nice letter to the editor which I fully

agreed with.

I remain curious about your personal goals with the township government. Assessing is want P&Z gone...then I suppose you will want the township self governance gone....and the public fire department. If we lose it all we will pay more in taxes (our values will go up next year) and more for a private fire brigade, which could easily mean more insurance costs as well. Be careful what you wish for.

Should you wish to chat my number is in the phone book.

Sunday, June 15, 2014 | Report this

Rick, Such passion for local control, but where was it when the board of supervisors abdicated their duty as LBAE, Not one person(for local control) has come forward with any comment on this action. This because there are a few people that condone what this board does without reservation because of personality and ignorance of how township government should work. Go to the MAT website, Mn Sec of State, and Mn Statutes and inform yourself how township government should operate. Yes, Planning and Zoning should go back to the county both because of costs and the lack of fairness in its administration. A quick read would be the findings of fact on the Hatfield variance. If you read the first finding and then the last finding you would think the same property was from different planets. The Greenwood Board of Adjustment has rendered the phrase "Finding of Fact" meaningless.

The other issues you throw out are nothing more than RED HERRINGS.

You ask why don't I run for office? Maybe you missed the last election and didn't vote, I suppose that's why you might not be registered. I did run but lost. It must be hard to follow local politics from ORO VALLEY AZ.

Monday, June 16, 2014 | Report this
hard rock miner


Send me an email so I can write back to you. Email address and phone # I found don't work. Got email from Lake Vermilion website, phone # from online white pages.

Anonymously yours,

Monday, June 16, 2014 | Report this
hard rock miner

Regarding losing the high school and swimming pool in Tower- As I recall, little was said regarding losing that very important asset by the board. I believe nothing but a display ad in the Timberjay once was their only "opposition." We overwhelmingly voted NO. The timing of the vote was calculated so that our winter registered voters would not be here, and many were unaware of the vote. In addition to providing outright false information the school board misled everyone, and were totally serving themselves and JCI. I also think no one believed such insanity would ever pass. Marshall is correct. Split the district geographically and let the southern half carry their own weight. We pay for the majority of the expenses but we got the least. They destroyed the pool out of spite because we voted a resounding NO!

Monday, June 16, 2014 | Report this

Dr. B,

I was in AZ when you lost. I don't know you, and your name didn't stick in my mind. I am glad you ran. I happen to like Gene on multiple levels, but we always need people who care about trying to do better running.

I ran for State Senate in 1976. I lost to Skip Humphrey. I know about going door to door, fundraising and speaking to strangers, passion, and losing.

GWT is home in my heart. Arizona is just a place. I come back here in the middle of winter. This winter might have tried my soul a bit, had I been here throughout.

You make a good point about our supervisors not knowing everything. There are definitely things I would like to change. I am working within the system to try to accomplish change. In defense of the Board, there is no way they can know all. I am perplexed that the attorney didn't offer advice. Hindsight is always great.

The folks at the County level learn by doing also.

I have not read the findings of fact re Hatfield. What I do know is that the county and DNR thought the tradeoffs were more than adequate to allow the variance. Hatfield agreed to deed restrictions...a conservation easement...on about 1000 feet of shoreline as a trade off.

Frankly, I find greater fault with the other past approvals.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | Report this