Orr takes steps to revive EDA
Tom Klein

ORR – On Monday, councilors here acted on several measures for reviving Orr’s Economic Development Authority.

The council amended and restated the resolution that authorizes the creation of the EDA, updated the agency’s bylaws and approved several new members to the EDA.

Wendy Purdy will serve as president of the EDA while Orr Mayor Joel Astleford will be vice president. Sarah Schulze was appointed secretary and Jeff Julkowski as treasurer. Nancy Glass will serve as assistant treasurer.

Orr City Clerk Louise Redmond was also named executive director for the EDA, but will not have a vote on EDA decisions. Her appointment allows her to sign checks for the agency and she is the contact person for EDA members.

The EDA is tasked with seeking and developing economic development projects in Orr. While the EDA will do the initial vetting of potential projects and the jobs they may create, the city will retain final say on which projects should proceed and whether they should be eligible for any assistance.

The council also approved a contract with David H. Salene Inc. The Roseville contractor will serve as a consultant to the EDA, assisting in economic development planning for the city and EDA and in the review of proposals presented to the EDA.

Redmond said the city has set aside approximately $7,000 for consulting services now and will develop an EDA budget in the future. The funds had initially been earmarked for potential help in writing grants for city projects.

In other business at Monday’s meeting, councilors:

• Agreed to adjust a water bill for Gary Abramson. Abramson notified the city that his monthly water usage is 5,350 gallons, but his bill for November indicated that he had used 46,940 gallons. He couldn’t account for the large increase in water usage and councilors agreed to adjust the bill.

• Approved a resolution for accepting a $25,000 grant from Mission Lifeline Minnesota for an EKG heart monitor for the Orr Ambulance Service.

• Tabled action on an ambulance levy transfer.

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