Nolan is right on Medicare

Rick Nolan hit the Medicare issue on the head during the recent Eighth District Congressional debate in Duluth when he said to Rep. Chip Cravaack: “You have a plan for Medicare all right. You plan to end it.”

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and fact checkers around the country agree with Nolan that the Paul Ryan budget Cravaack has repeatedly voted for will end Medicare “as we know it”. Cravaack and Ryan would replace the earned benefits we’ve worked for our entire lives with a voucher system that would raise health care costs for an average senior by $6,400 by forcing us into the private insurance market.

Nolan will fight to preserve and protect Medicare with trillions in savings derived from ending ‘wars of choice,’ fighting Medicare fraud and abuse and putting an end to Bush tax cuts for the rich. I like Nolan’s approach and I’m supporting him on Election Day.

Vote Rick Nolan for Congress. For us.

Louise Grams

Virginia, Minn.

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They are not proposing to "End It" - they are proposing to change it which must have to happen for it to survive past 2022 which is when it will be broke!

To "end it" and to "change it" are two different outcomes. Currently the R plan is to end it and replace it with ... as the letter clearly states ... a totally new voucher plan.

Yes, some change is needed. But the bath water is not anywhere dirty enough to throw it out ... and the baby with it.

Ms. Grams has had too much of the leftist cool-aid. The Republican model for the new Medicare preserves the current system for anyone 55 and over. No changes for current seniors.

For those younger than 5,5 the program would introduce private insurance company plans to create competition in the marketplace. It is a direction in which we must head if we are to have a viable program in the future. (If we can do tort reform and limit awards for medical malpractice to something fair and reasonable we could lessen the defensive medicine being practiced by physicians and hospitals. Many believe we could save over 20% by doing so.)

Seems Mr. S might have been nipping on that famous "leftist Kool Aid" he mentions. Vast trust even in a model that the two candidates cannot agree on from speech to speech, and often with themselves from day to day.

So how would I even trust what the outcome would be to such a clearly outlined program? Am I to trust in the infamous R ideas such as those practiced in the 2000-2008 timeframe?


Wow, people still fall for the "private insurance companies create competition in the marketplace" spin. How has this "competition" benefited the general population with health insurance plans? Lowered premium costs? Lowered costs for employers offering health insurance to employees? Enabled more people affordable insurance? Lowered the costs of health care in general? Nope, just the opposite.

Recent study of OECD (34) countries health care costs:

The US in 2010, spent $8,233 on health per person. The next highest spender countries, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, spent $3,000 less per person. Average spending among the 33 countries,excluding US, is $3,268 per person. Our private health insurance marketplace competition is doing a lousy job. Percentage health care cost of our GDP: US spends one and a half times as much as any other country and nearly twice the OECD countries average.

If the Ryan under 55 privatized plan voted for and touted by Chip is such a good replacement, why not implement it immediately for seniors now covered by traditional Medicare immediately next Jan? There is an election next week. Most seniors aren't as stupid as the GOP thinks they are and wouldn't vote for throwing them into the private insurance market and killing Medicare. Plenty of people under 55 people aren't buying this fantasy either.

We constantly hear from Republcians that the US is too broke, can't afford to keep SS, Medicare, Medicaid, VA healthy but we can afford Romney continuing the Bush tax cuts that were heavily skewed for the ultra wealthy and give them even more tax cuts amounting to trillions. It's illogical, irresponsible and dishonest to claim you can do both at the same time. It should be clear by now that the top priority is to funnel the money to top who don't need it and stick the rest of us with the bill paid for with our tax dollars and taking away our Medicare, etc.

Gosh but I wish I could post a big smile picture here!


It's all for naught. People choose to be lied to. If they allow one doubt to creep in, they would have to re-examine a thousand other lies they've been told. That's too terrifying. Their whole world would come crashing down.

btw, have you seen Mitt's latest ad repeating the big whopper that Chrysler will send Jeep production overseas? He also repeated this lie last Thursday in Defiance, OH even though Chrysler said they were not cutting US jobs, intend to hire 1,100 workers in Detroit and are considering expanding their China production line for domestic sales in China.

That's willful, intentional lying while the Republicans, like Portman in Ohio, stand at his side, smile and let him do it There's a story that may interest you. A top New York Republican and Romney supporter, Harry Wilson, gave an interview on Bloomberg TV saying Mitt's auto bail out claims are "simply not true". The story is titled "Republican Harry Wilson says Romney's auto bail out claim is simply not true".

Wilson still supports Mitt. I don't see any queasiness among Republicans in office or media either. Blatant lying to get what they want is their MO. Gotta love the "values" in this crowd. What is worse than Romney's continual, daily lying is how easily and deliberately he does it. Odd, I could have sworn that there is something, somewhere in the Bible about lying...bearing false witness..I must have been mistaken. All these good Christian Republicans tell me they strictly follow the good book.

Geez Louise, look what you started now. Jeeps are going to be made overseas, and people under 55 are all going to die. And jt is smiling. Cut it out, please.

Amen to all that. I have only read about the Jeep ad ... at least it gets lots of coverage ... as most of our political ads are for the Senate seat here in AZ. Virtually none for POTUS, although there appears to be a large Latino bloc which mostly supports O


I rarely see local tv ads here, just don't watch local stations much except for weather and local news. Cable news shows will show clips sometimes. Obama/Romney ads get shown mainly in states where they think they need them so I watch ads online if I am curious..usually skip looking at most of them.

I, too, am a skipper. Especially since I voted weeks ago.

Meanwhile, curious why nobody has commented on the editorial ... I think the headline is "Romney's Math" ... second one down as of now.

Perhaps too much fact ... logic


I think no commenting often means some folks have no counter Fox fun factoids to offer. The conservative editor of another local Iron Range paper has come out for NO on marriage and voter ID amendments and last time I checked, there were no comments to either ed opinion.

With less than a week to the election, I still want to find out why people are voting for Romney when they don't have a clue what he stands one does. So far, Mitt has taken just about every position on any given issue throughout his entire campaign. I've never seen a presidential candidate base his whole campaign on baldfaced lies and etch-a-sketching like Mitt has and I've voted in eight presidential elections. It's mind blowing.

Bonfire, better check out the "constitutional amendments" in the editorials. Not my inane and simple comment, but the one preceding.

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