No solid marriage demeans the name

The earth is flat! Folks were once really upset and scared to hear that others were saying the earth was round.  The Bible, they claimed, as well as common sense, proved that the earth is flat!

A lot of Christian churches actively supported slavery.

“If women get the vote, society as we know it will fall apart!”

Interfaith marriages? Interracial marriages? What is the world coming to?

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was rescinded — and our armed forces have not fallen apart!

Let me introduce my son Eli, a preacher’s kid, and his wife, Joann, the farmer’s daughter. They work hard for Joann’s family orchards and are raising two healthy active kids, ages 9 and 6. They were married in the cherry orchard surrounded by family and friends. In their spare time they cross country ski or run 5K races on the weekends.

Let me introduce another beloved couple, my niece Meredith and Sharon. They committed to each other publicly on an island off the shore of Portsmouth, N.H., surrounded by family and friends in a historic stone chapel. It was a couple of years later that they were allowed by law to go to the courthouse to make their spiritual union legal. It was anticlimactic after the beautiful island wedding. They are raising two healthy active kids, ages 9 and 6. Meredith is a social worker, Sharon a teacher. They run 5K races on the weekends.

No solid marriage demeans the meaning of “marriage”. Rather, both these two committed couples are adding to the stability of the communities in which they live.

Times change, and we evolve, hopefully in a more loving and egalitarian way. This is why I am voting No on the “marriage” amendment.

Emily Brown

Ely, Minn.


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