Cutting teachers while administrative costs are too high

Everyone in the community has a stake in the quality of the school system. That seems self-evident to me. But the on-going actions by the St. Louis County Superintendent and the School Board make me wonder if anyone cares.

As I understand it, the St. Louis County schools have a larger number of administrative staff compared to classroom teachers than most other systems in the state, but they plan to lay off a number of classroom teachers because of money problems. That’s nuts. It is the classroom teachers who actually teach our kids, not the administrators.

I’m sure every administrator is working hard and getting things done. That’s what administrators do. When administrators leave, of course things don’t get done. But when teachers leave, our kids don’t get taught.

I certainly don’t want anyone to lose their job. But that’s the sad reality. They should reduce administrative staff first. Only when that is cut to the bone should they consider laying off classroom teachers.

Richard J. Borken, Ph.D.

Lake Vermilion, Minn.


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That's happening all the way to the University of Minnesota where it is the number 1 University for administrators in the U.S. Time for a change.

Thursday, March 28, 2013 | Report this
hard rock miner

100+ miles from school to school? Assinine. Fold 2142 into surrounding districts. Turn the ridiculous new buildings into breweries or something else constructive. This sham on taxpayers is a disservice to all, except of course, the corrupt contractor.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | Report this