Cliffs, MP make major donation to rescue squad
Amphibious vehicles to aid rescue efforts
Marshall Helmberger
One of the new Marsh Master all-terrain buggies donated by Minnesota Power and Cliffs Natural Resources was demonstrated at a press conference this week.

REGIONAL— Two new amphibious vehicles should substantially improve the ability of the St. Louis County Volunteer Rescue Squad to respond to emergencies in remote and swampy parts of the county.

Minnesota Power and Cliffs Natural Resources have teamed up to provide two Marsh Master all-terrain buggies to the rescue squad. Cliffs donated $58,000, which enabled the squad to purchase a refurbished buggy, while Minnesota Power donated a used buggy that was part of its maintenance fleet.

“These are powerful vehicles that will help our squad better navigate the terrain of St. Louis County, especially the swampier areas,” said Tom Crossmon, St. Louis County Rescue Squad Captain. “They are going to be a great tool for us, and we are extremely grateful to Cliffs and Minnesota Power for supporting our team and our mission. We will be able to station one of the marsh buggies in the northern part of the county and one in the south, for faster response times.”

The vehicles and the donations were unveiled at a news conference held by the squad last Thursday, in Duluth.

“We are extremely grateful for the St. Louis County Volunteer Rescue Squad, and their response during emergency situations in Northeastern Minnesota,” said Sandy Karnowski, Cliffs’ district manager of public affairs in Minnesota. “Cliffs is happy to make this contribution to further enhance the Rescue Squad’s capabilities by providing them a tool to better access areas where people may need help.”

The St. Louis County Rescue Squad is recognized regionally and nationally for its search and rescue techniques. The Rescue Squad consists of approximately 60 members, who together volunteer 23,000 hours each year. Formed in 1958, it operates under the direction of the St. Louis County Sheriff, providing wilderness search and rescue; water rescue, recovery and safety; and first aid and public safety.

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