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epalcich: What are you doing worrying about the needs of the Ely-Winton area? You live at Side Lake with that other wacko lunatic Peter Leschak who has scribed disrespect for our senior citizens with regard to limited motorized access to the BWCA.

Mind your own business, let the Ely-Winton people solve their own problems.

What did we do before? We used outboard motors and snowmobiles on the large lakes in the BWCA, until your wacko friends decided they had more privileges than the local people who once owned the land until it was robbed from them by the extremist environmental movement through the federal government. We didn't have the accidents in those days because, first, people were more personally responsible, and secondly, the lunatic large cities based users that preferred canoe travel without compass reading skills and common sense arrived on the scene.

As for technology, I find it hypocritical that you would use a computer and the internet to communicate your illogical points of view. Why didn't you just send smoke signals?

From: Do you support or oppose a cell phone tower on the edge of the BWCAW?

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