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You people baffle me. You come up here maybe once a year and you think you have the right to completely alter the lifestyles of the people who live here, work here, and raise families here. You're also the same caliber of people who can't change a tire by yourselves and need to call AAA. How would you do that up the Fernberg with no cell phone? The citizens of Ely have a right to decent cell phone coverage. Any BWCA activist who objects to this tower because it's not "primitive" enough should not be allowed to enter the boundary waters with GPS sytems or Gore Tex and should have to use birch bark canoes. I'll bet 21st century modifications would start to look pretty appealing to you then. Why don't you people go fight the oil spill and leave us alone.

From: Do you support or oppose a cell phone tower on the edge of the BWCAW?

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