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We actually may not be living with the consequences of their cowardice for generations to come, but dying; climate change is accelerating, and with it the risk of catastrophic disease and famine, as well as fundamental changes in the chemistry of the oceans and our atmosphere that potentially threaten the ability to breathe properly. Atmospheric oxygen concentrations are now dropping as a result.

Cutting fossil fuel use any way you can -- insulating homes to lower both heating and air conditioning costs, solar panels, growing your own vegetables, reducing meat and dairy consumption, driving more slowly, riding a bike, planting shade trees and windbreaks, switching to a smaller and more efficient vehicle and simply renting a bigger vehicle or getting delivery when you need to move a bigger item, deferring purchases of electronics, buying fewer but better quality clothes -- all helps substantially (and saves on utility bills and is good for your health), but even the way manufacturing works and the way we farm has to change, and fast. In the big picture all that personal use I listed out is at best half the problem, and the other half is senior leadership in business and politics, especially on the political right, trying to protect their bonuses and dividends (not ours, by the way) with cheap, nasty, short-term obsolete processes and business practices. This fails to get taken care of? Societal collapse beckons and it might not even be possible to reprise the life of cavemen because there won't be anything left to hunt.

From: A dystopian future?

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