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Today an elderly family member had his surgery rescheduled to Nov. 6, election day. It's too late for mail-in absentee ballots and we, the family who plan to be at the hospital for his surgery, all live too far away from Duluth to guarantee we would be able to get to our polling places to vote. I spent some time on the phone finding out how we could vote. SOS employee was very helpful and I found out we can in-person absentee vote if your address hasn't changed at our local Auditor's offices such as in Virginia and Hibbing as well as at Duluth Auditors office and the hours. We all plan to vote tomorrow.

Now, this unexpected voting challenge just reinforces my belief that the Voter ID amendment would be a huge mistake. The amendment has no details how this situation or many others are going to play out. If the amendment writers are so confident it is needed, they would have done the work on how it will be implemented and thought about and addressed all the possible consequences. They did not.

I'm so grateful we have a good voting system in MN and SOS. Imagining how we would be able to vote in the same unexpected circumstances in other states where the SOS and voter ID proponents are creating as much confusion and disruption as they possibly can, just made me ill.

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