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hard rock miner,

I guess you feel voter ID will be well worth your property taxes going up? Property taxes will go up, by how much is not certain as the writers of this amendment neglected to lay out plans how to implement voter ID and kicked the can to the next legislature.

Cities, counties and townships across Minnesota have written to local newspapers with their objections to voter ID concerning their costs to them which will be in the millions and there will be costs every election year and the lack of detail in the amendment as written. Many Minnesota papers have written editorials against voter ID.

I think it's foolish that my property taxes will go up to pay for a "problem" that doesn't exist. I also feel sorry for the people who volunteer their time to work at polling places during elections and the hard work they will be doing before that if voter ID should pass. They are exceptional citizens and they will be stuck with a much more difficult job, training, tools, paperwork and other yet to be determined obstacles. It's going to be a big old costly mess.

From: Constitutional amendments

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