Would you support splitting ISD 2142?
Yes. Even district officials argue there's no administrative advantage to the district's current makeup.
169 votes (49%)
No. The south half needs the north's tax base.
173 votes (51%)

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I think the early voting was indicative of the true opinion of the majority of folks living in the northern portion of the district. I wonder who is voting more recently to even this poll out? Who stands to gain from no change in the administration of the district?

Split the district. Sell the admin building in Virginia. Administer the two districts from offices in a school building in each district. Two separate school boards would more appropriately represent the interests of the youth, and taxpayers, of their district.

Rickster: I believe you are correct. The original results reflected the current attitude toward the school district as a whole. But anytime we have non-scientific polls, we have the possibility of ramping. Splitting, or better yet, dissolving the district entirely provides more positive options for the kids, communities and the people who pay the bills (us). My heart goes out to Tower-Soudan as their school was destroyed by Bob Larson, Charles Rick, Gary Albertson and JCI.


I thought similar thoughts in the past about completely dismantling the district. The kids would adapt. The harder part was the loss of identity of the towns.

As to Larson, Albertson, Rick, and other Board Members who went along, they are remembered for their bad homework, stupid fiscal analyzation and short-sightedness.

Had Kim Johnson been doing her job, the Board might have seen the truth and JCI couldn't have bowled them over.

The entire bunch was incompetent.


Having Kim Johnson watching the school district's finances is like having Colonel Sanders babysit your Chickens!

The vote is presently 74 to 74. I guess ballot box stuffing is alive and well.

While I agree that the cumulative real estate tax base is larger in the north, the bulk of school funds for day to day operations are from per pupil state payments.

I suppose some worry about the building levy and administration of the funds now going to 2142. That could be worked out. Beyond that the only losers in splitting into two districts would be the admin folks who find Virginia quite convenient.

Let us split.

Rickster: Everything you say is true. We would do better separated from 2142, but try to hold together a coalition. I gave my heart and soul in Orr, still prominent members of the community got sucked in by Zelda and Bill Arthur. When it was all over, only one person apologized to me for wavering when he should have held strong. Chances of getting a split are slim, because people being what people do...you can't count on them unless you are from Tower-Soudan.

The district loves having the office in Virginia. Reason? Shopping, restaurants and other amenities. Getting them to give them up would be like pulling teeth out of an elephant. Sorry to say.

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