What are you doing to save on your heating bill?
I've turned down the thermostat.
31 votes (43%)
I've added new insulation.
9 votes (13%)
I've closed off unused rooms so they don't need to be heated.
8 votes (11%)
I've switched to another heating fuel.
15 votes (21%)
I've moved into an igloo!
9 votes (13%)

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We have always used wood as a primary source, with fuel oil as a back-up. Older age and infirmities have forced a switch in those ratios. And it will get worse. I can no longer get into the woods to harvest wood and keep a 3 year supply for the house and sauna. There is no solution under the leadership of Obama. He wants to put EPA regs on wood stoves, he wants to put the coal companies out of business and he wants to critically cut back on fossil fuels. I'm sorry, but solar panels are not the answer at our house and it appears Obama doesn't care a hoot about how much energy prices are rising for retired, elderly, disabled, working poor and those who live in Greater America.

That's our problem in a nutshell. Now, who will do something about it?

It had nothing to do with either party,excess propane and natural gas was over abundant this summer,it is going to stay high unless we quit selling to the highest bidder over seas like it happennd this summer,also North Dakota is flaring off 35% of the gas at present,because they make more quick profit on oil..

shoe, what you say is true. I support the Keystone Pipeline, only if it's terminus is inland like McPherson Kansas or Cushing Oklahoma. That way, the oil stays here, not refined and shipped out of the Gulf ports in Houston to foreign nations. Both parties are lying to us when they say it will lower gas prices in the U.S. when the gas won't be available to us little people, if the line is extended to the Gulf Coast. You notice, nobody is offering my proposal as a solution to getting the line built, especially the Canadians or the Republicans.

With regard to energy costs to us little people, Obama is a whore who is screwing the little people in rural America. He won't be satisfied until we all move into high rises in the large inner cities. Easier to control us independents that way.

First paragraph I agree with you,but the second was not necessary. I will leave it at that.

Well shoe, all I can say is that paragraph to is appropriately termed "the inconvenient truth".

Orrcountry is 100% correct about the anti-christ in the empty suit. What on earth could solar and wind power do to heat our homes at -30 degrees? NOTHING!

You should have added another voting choice: "Nothing". Not all of us have many options when it comes to heating, and it might be instructive to hear what these folks have to say too.

No such luck when it comes to the knee-jerk Obama-bashers!

David: Let your troubled mind be at ease. All remarks about Obama are researched and well thought out. They can be verified by casual observation of Obama's behavior and actions. We don't play with comments here, we offer them as constructive criticism. Write to us again... soon.

Oil trader said that it was the right thing to do today to send a huge amounts of propane to China and Asia because they can make more money over there selling it. He seen no problem with the higher prices we have to pay.

My opinion if it is drilled here it stays here.

See shoe, we can agree on things. I say we should not send any natural resources out of the country, that includes taconite pellets, timber, oil and derivatives, or like type resources. We need them here, yet republicans and democrats alike say we need foreign trade. OK, so if we send anything abroad, make sure it is a finished product with all value added state side. But to send raw natural resources to foreign countries only to have them finish them and sell them back to us is plain crazy!

You might want to Google "Gouged by the Wind" to read an article that was in the Wall Street Journal in May 2012 describing how the Minnesota legislature mandates that utilities ramp up their renewables to 25% by 2025, forcing utilities to pay above-market prices for electricity and passing on the costs to businesses and households.

Seen today we are exporting over 400'000 barrels a day and increasing of propane overseas. Up from over 100,000 barrels a short time ago.

Also now one of the pipelines as of yesterday was bringing into the state 50% of its capacity of propane because they have yet to be asked increase it as they say it would be easy for them to do.

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