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Given the election results, would you favor legalizing same sex marriage in Minnesota?

No. The state is still too divided on the question. The Legislature should focus on other things. 64% | 108 votes
Yes. Just as in Maine and Maryland, voters in Minnesota said they're ready to accept marriage equality. 36% | 60 votes


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If you don't want to marry someone of your same sex, then don't!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The most illogical argument against same sex marriage is that it somehow harms "traditional" marriage. Using that silly argument, divorce rates among heterosexual marriages in states where same sex marriage is legal would be increasing but they are not. In fact, US divorce rates have decreased over the last couple of decades in spite of the dire threat posed by same sex couples wanting to marry legally.

"Traditional" marriage has a 40 to 50% probability of ending up in divorce over a lifetime. It's interesting that divorce rates overall are much lower in bluer state such as MN and states where same sex marriage is legal than in conservative red states. There are many factors contributing to lower divorce rates such as marrying at an older age, being more educated and making a decent living wage. All the money and effort anti-same sex marriage groups have employed would be better spent on strengthening those lower divorce rate factors if they are actually concerned about "saving" opposite sex marriage.

It's not that MN Republican legislators haven't tried to "save" traditional marriage in their own unique style. Earlier this year, four of them wrote a bill that would have mandated a two year waiting period before getting a divorce. Way to go, MNGOP, tick off a lot of Minnesotans wanting to divorce with outrageous government intrusion into their personal lives. How a two year waiting period would do a darn thing to "save" marriages is another brain scratcher.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The vote did not prove that the majority of voters support gay marriage, many voters thought that an amendment to the constitution is not the proper way to deal with such controversial social issues. The vote was hardly a landslide or a mandate.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hard rock,

You just keep telling yourself that.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012