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With just over five weeks before the midterm elections, there’s little question the political season is in full swing. And while there are plenty of big races we’re watching with interest, the … more
The wild wolf is often shown in the media as a fierce, scary killer, so when a You Tube video appeared early this year casting the predator as more of a savior, lots of folks were delighted. Instead … more
One of the most significant domestic stories of the past four years is one that’s barely rated a notice from the news media. While the media’s attention has been focused on the really critical … more
September is a gentle month around here. The mosquitos’ buzzing and bites aren’t keeping us awake at night, and guests don’t feel quite so urgent about landing walleye. They’re more aware … more
If Iron Range opponents of State Auditor Rebecca Otto were hoping to deliver a show of strength in their effort to deny the two-term DFLer the party’s nomination this year, they must have been … more
I’ve reached my usual worn-out point in the helter-skelter of summer. My internal battery is flashing “LOW-replace soon.” When guests at Camp Van Vac kindly ask the perfunctory “How are … more
For the past thirty years, America has had a love affair with prisons. It’s a remarkable development for a society founded on the principles of liberty and limited government— since there is … more
Does welfare trap people in poverty and keep them from pursuing gainful employment? To U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin, who outlined a new proposal last week that he said is geared to fight poverty … more
The Blueberry Art Festival this week is prime time for creativity in Ely. And the fabulous array of craft items for sale — antler lamps, Hmong art, twig furniture and Barbie tents — this entire … more
There’s a whopper of a story, with global significance, that is suddenly dawning on a lot of people who pay attention to the energy markets. Solar-generated electricity has fallen so dramatically … more